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Be daring! Mythological baby names are not for the faint-of-heart, but they ARE for parents who are looking for something a bit out of the ordinary. The realm of fantasy, folklore, gods and heroes is filled with tales of bravery which are ripe with baby naming ideas. Mythological baby names can convey both tradition and strength and combine historical depth with a sense of resurrecting the ancient to sound new and exciting. If you love learning about ancient mythology and world legends, you will love our list of mythological baby names.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Brunhilde Girl Germanic Battle armour
Byelobog Boy Slavonic White God
Bylun Boy Slavonic White God
Cadmos Boy Greek N/A
Cadmus Boy Greek N/A
Cakradeva Boy Sanskrit King of the discus
Cakradhara Boy Sanskrit Bearing a discus...
Cakrapani Boy Sanskrit Discus holder
Cakravat Boy Sanskrit With a discus; e...
Cakrin Boy Sanskrit With a discus
Caksu Boy Sanskrit Eye
Calliope Girl Greek Beautiful voice
Callisto Girl Greek Most beautiful
Calypso Girl Greek Conceal
Camelot Both English N/A
Camilla Girl Latin Altar server
Canda Boy Sanskrit Fierce; passiona...
Candranatha Boy Sanskrit King of the moon
Candrani Girl Sanskrit Consort of the m...
Carumati Girl Sanskrit Intelligent; wise
Cassandra Girl Greek She who entangle...
Cassandre Girl Greek She who entangle...
Cassiel Boy Greek She who entangle...
Cassiopeia Girl Greek She whose words ...
Castor Boy Greek Beaver
Ceres Girl Latin Grow
Ceridwen Girl Welsh Blessed song
Chaga Boy Sanskrit Moisture; goat
Chanda Both Hebrew God’s ...
Chaos Both Greek Gaping void; space