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Be daring! Mythological baby names are not for the faint-of-heart, but they ARE for parents who are looking for something a bit out of the ordinary. The realm of fantasy, folklore, gods and heroes is filled with tales of bravery which are ripe with baby naming ideas. Mythological baby names can convey both tradition and strength and combine historical depth with a sense of resurrecting the ancient to sound new and exciting. If you love learning about ancient mythology and world legends, you will love our list of mythological baby names.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Minerve Girl Latin Mind; intellect
Minos Boy Greek N/A
Mitra Boy Sanskrit Friend
Mitravinda Girl Sanskrit Has many compani...
Mohan Boy Sanskrit Enchanting
Mohana Both Sanskrit Enchanting
Mohini Girl Sanskrit Charming; enchan...
Morgain Girl Welsh Sea-born
Morgaine Girl Welsh Sea-born
Morgan Both Welsh Uncertain, perha...
Morgana Girl Welsh Uncertain, perha...
Morgane Girl Welsh Uncertain, perha...
Morgause Girl English N/A
Morphée Boy Greek He who shapes
Morpheus Boy Greek He who shapes
Morrigan Girl Gaelic Great queen; nig...
Muireann Girl Gaelic White sea
Muirne Girl Gaelic Beloved
Murali Both Sanskrit Flute
Muralidhara Boy Sanskrit Bearer of a flute
Murari Boy Sanskrit Nemesis of Mura
Myrddin Boy Welsh Sea fort; sea hill
Naida Girl Greek As a water nymph
Nala Both Sanskrit Stem, hollow reed
Napoleon Boy Germanic Sons of the mist...
Narcisse Boy Greek Sleep; torpor
Narcissus Boy Greek Sleep; torpor
Narkissos Boy Greek Sleep; torpor
Nausicaa Girl Greek N/A
Nausikaä Girl Greek N/A