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Be daring! Mythological baby names are not for the faint-of-heart, but they ARE for parents who are looking for something a bit out of the ordinary. The realm of fantasy, folklore, gods and heroes is filled with tales of bravery which are ripe with baby naming ideas. Mythological baby names can convey both tradition and strength and combine historical depth with a sense of resurrecting the ancient to sound new and exciting. If you love learning about ancient mythology and world legends, you will love our list of mythological baby names.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Manavi Girl Sanskrit Spouse of Manu
Manjukesin Boy Sanskrit Having beautiful...
Manohara Both Sanskrit Stealer of the h...
Mara Both Hebrew Bitter
Marama Both Maori Moon; light
Marcus Boy Latin From the god Mars
Martinus Boy Latin From the god Mars
Maru Boy Pacific Is... Moriori god of h...
Marut Boy Sanskrit Wind
Maruta Both Sanskrit Flashing; shinin...
Math Boy Welsh Uncertain meaning
Maui Boy Hawaiian God of fire
Maya Both Greek Uncertain, perha...
Medea Girl Greek Cunning; virile
Médée Girl Greek Cunning; virile
Medeia Girl Greek Cunning; virile
Meena Girl Sanskrit Fish; Pisces
Megara Girl Greek Possibly means "...
Megharaja Boy Sanskrit Lord of the clouds
Melia Girl Latin Rival; emulating
Melissa Girl Greek Honey-bee
Melusina Girl French N/A
Mélusine Girl French N/A
Memphis Both Greek N/A
Mena Girl Sanskrit Knowledgeable
Menelaos Boy Greek N/A
Menelaus Boy Greek N/A
Merlin Boy Welsh Sea fort
Meru Boy Sanskrit High
Minerva Girl Latin Mind; intellect