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Be daring! Mythological baby names are not for the faint-of-heart, but they ARE for parents who are looking for something a bit out of the ordinary. The realm of fantasy, folklore, gods and heroes is filled with tales of bravery which are ripe with baby naming ideas. Mythological baby names can convey both tradition and strength and combine historical depth with a sense of resurrecting the ancient to sound new and exciting. If you love learning about ancient mythology and world legends, you will love our list of mythological baby names.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Charis Girl Greek Grace; charm
Charon Boy Greek Fierce brightness
Chernobog Boy Slavonic Black God
ChloŽ Girl Greek Young shoot
Chronos Boy Greek Time; crow
Chronus Boy Greek Time
Chryseis Girl Greek Golden
Circe Girl Greek N/A
Clio Girl Greek Fame, glory; rep...
ClŪodhna Girl Gaelic Shapely, well-fo...
Cloelia Girl Latin N/A
Clytaemnest... Girl Greek Noble wooing
Clytemnestra Girl Greek Noble wooing
Clytie Girl Greek The splendid one
Concordia Girl Latin Concord; peace; ...
Creirwy Girl Welsh A token; a jewel
Cressida Girl Greek Golden
Criseyde Girl Greek Golden
Crnobog Boy Slavonic Black God
Cupid Boy Latin Desire; passion;...
Cupido Boy Latin Desire; passion;...
Cybele Girl Greek N/A
Czernobog Boy Slavonic Black God
Dabog Boy Slavonic Giver of fortune...
Dachbog Boy Slavonic Giver of fortune...
Dag Boy Norse Day
Dajbog Boy Slavonic Giver of fortune...
Daksesa Boy Sanskrit Ruler of Daksa
Damayanti Girl Sanskrit Subduing
DanaŽ Girl Greek N/A