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Muslim and Arabic names are used throughout both the Muslim and Arabic worlds, which are closely linked. However, there are some Muslim names which are not Arabic, and are instead of Persian or Turkish origin. Due to importance of the Arabic language in Islam, a large majority of the world's Muslims do use Arabic names. Muslim names are based on a traditional naming system; most do not simply have a first middle and surname, but a full, long succession of meaningful names. Our muslim baby name pages include gender and pronunciation, meaning, popularity info, notable namesakes and pop culture references about each name. Browse our large list of Muslim names and find the best name for your baby.

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Sultan Boy Arabic King, emperor
Sumayyah Girl Arabic High, lofty
Sundus Girl Arabic Fine silk brocade
Syed Boy Arabic Fortunate, bliss...
Taghreed Girl Arabic Singing of birds
Taghrid Girl Arabic Bird song
Tahani Girl Arabic Congratulations;...
Tahirah Girl Arabic Pure, virtuous
Tahiyya Girl Arabic Greeting, saluta...
Tahiyyah Girl Arabic Greeting, saluta...
Taiah Girl Arabic Submissive, pious
Taja Girl Sanskrit Crown
Taliba Girl Arabic Scholar, seeker
Talibah Girl Arabic Scholar, seeker
Taqi Boy Arabic Piety, fear of God
Taqiyya Girl Arabic God-fearing, pious
Taqiyyah Girl Arabic God-fearing, pious
Tarub Girl Arabic Enraptured
Tawfiq Boy Arabic Good fortune, pr...
Tawil Boy Arabic Tall
Tayyiba Girl Arabic Good, pleasant
Thamina Girl Persian Precious, valuable
Thana Girl Arabic Praise, commenda...
Thurayya Girl Arabic The Pleiades
Thurayyah Girl Arabic The Pleiades
Tuhfa Girl Arabic Gift
Uday Boy Indian To rise
Um-Kalthum Girl Arabic Mother of one wi...
Usama Boy Arabic Feline predator
Uthman Boy Arabic A baby bustard