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Muslim and Arabic names are used throughout both the Muslim and Arabic worlds, which are closely linked. However, there are some Muslim names which are not Arabic, and are instead of Persian or Turkish origin. Due to importance of the Arabic language in Islam, a large majority of the world's Muslims do use Arabic names. Muslim names are based on a traditional naming system; most do not simply have a first middle and surname, but a full, long succession of meaningful names. Our muslim baby name pages include gender and pronunciation, meaning, popularity info, notable namesakes and pop culture references about each name. Browse our large list of Muslim names and find the best name for your baby.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Nawal Girl Arabic Gift, present
Nawf Girl Arabic Exalted
Nawfa Girl Arabic Exalted, high
Nawsheen Girl Persian Sweet
Nawwaf Boy Arabic Overlooking; hig...
Nayyar Boy Arabic Luminous, shining
Nayyara Girl Arabic Luminous, shining
Nazeer Boy Arabic Luminously beaut...
Nazihah Girl Arabic Straight
Nazim Boy Arabic One who organizes
Nazir Boy Arabic Luminously beaut...
Nazira Girl Arabic Peer
Nazirah Girl Arabic Peer
Naziya Girl Arabic High aspiring, e...
Neelam Girl Persian Blue sapphire
Nibal Girl Arabic Arrow
Nida Girl Arabic A call
Nihal Both Indian Romanticized, jo...
Nimah Girl Arabic Devotion
Nizar Boy Arabic Top of the clip
Nooriyya Girl Arabic Light
Nudar Girl Arabic Gold
Nuha Girl Arabic Intellect, mind
Nur Both Hebrew Flame
Nur-al-din Boy Arabic Light of faith
Nurul Girl Indian Not dark
Parvaiz Boy Persian Victorious; fort...
Parvin Girl Persian The Pleiades; star
Qadeer Boy Arabic Able
Qadir Boy Arabic Able