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Muslim and Arabic names are used throughout both the Muslim and Arabic worlds, which are closely linked. However, there are some Muslim names which are not Arabic, and are instead of Persian or Turkish origin. Due to importance of the Arabic language in Islam, a large majority of the world's Muslims do use Arabic names. Muslim names are based on a traditional naming system; most do not simply have a first middle and surname, but a full, long succession of meaningful names. Our muslim baby name pages include gender and pronunciation, meaning, popularity info, notable namesakes and pop culture references about each name. Browse our large list of Muslim names and find the best name for your baby.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Khurram Boy Arabic Delightful
Khurshid Boy Persian Sun
Kohinoor Both Indian Hill
Labeeba Girl Arabic Intelligent, wise
Labib Boy Arabic Clever, wise
Labiba Girl Arabic Clever, wise
Laiqa Girl Arabic Elegant
Laith Boy Arabic Lion
Laman Boy Arabic Twinkling; spark...
Lamees Girl Arabic Soft to the touch
Lamis Girl Arabic Soft to the touch
Lamya Girl Arabic Possessing brown...
Latafat Boy Turkish Elegant
Lateef Boy Arabic Gentle, kind
Latif Boy Arabic Gentle, kind
Latifa Girl Arabic Gentle, kind
Latifah Girl Arabic Gentle, kind
Lawahiz Girl Arabic Shy glances
Layla Girl Arabic Dark beauty
Lina Girl Arabic Delicate, compas...
Lujayn Girl Arabic Silver
Lutfi Boy Arabic Sweet, friendly,...
Lutfiya Girl Arabic Sweet, friendly,...
Lutfiyya Girl Arabic Sweet, friendly,...
Madiha Girl Arabic Praise, commenda...
Maha Girl Arabic Oryx
Mahasin Girl Arabic Charms, good qua...
Mahbub Boy Arabic Beloved; favorite
Mahbubullah Boy Arabic Allah's favorite
Mahdi Boy Arabic Rightly guided