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Muslim and Arabic names are used throughout both the Muslim and Arabic worlds, which are closely linked. However, there are some Muslim names which are not Arabic, and are instead of Persian or Turkish origin. Due to importance of the Arabic language in Islam, a large majority of the world's Muslims do use Arabic names. Muslim names are based on a traditional naming system; most do not simply have a first middle and surname, but a full, long succession of meaningful names. Our muslim baby name pages include gender and pronunciation, meaning, popularity info, notable namesakes and pop culture references about each name. Browse our large list of Muslim names and find the best name for your baby.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Hazima Girl Arabic Cautious, wise
Hiba Girl Hebrew Adore
Hikmat Boy Arabic Knowledge
Hilmiyya Girl Arabic Clement, forgiving
Hind Girl Arabic Over 100 camels
Hisham Boy Arabic Pounding; generous
Hiyam Girl Arabic Passion
Huda Girl Arabic The right way, r...
Humam-ud-Din Boy Arabic Nobility of Islam
Hurriyyah Girl Arabic Angel
Husayn Boy Arabic Good looking
Huseyin Boy Arabic Good looking
Husn Girl Arabic Beauty
Husniya Girl Arabic Goodness
Hussain Boy Arabic Good looking
Hussein Boy Arabic Good looking
Ibtihaj Girl Arabic Happiness, joy
Ibtihal Girl Arabic Prayer, invocation
Ibtisam Girl Swahili Smile, grin
Idi Boy Swahili Born during the ...
Iftekhar Boy Arabic Honor, self-resp...
Iftikhar-ud... Boy Arabic Pride in Islam
Ihab Both Arabic Endow
Ihsan Both Arabic Benevolence
Ihsan-ul-Ha... Boy Arabic Kindness accompa...
Ijaz Boy Arabic Miracle
Ijlal Girl Arabic Esteem, honor
Ikhlas Boy Arabic Honesty; straigh...
Ikleel Boy Arabic Crown
Iklil Boy Arabic Crown