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Mongolian parents have different methods for choosing baby names than Westerners do. When a child is born, their parents visit a Buddhist monastery and the lama chooses a name. Mongolian baby names also come from objects, since they also choose a name based on the first thing they see after a baby is born. It is also traditional to put several names on pieces of paper in a bowl of rice and shake the bowl until one of the slips comes to the top, revealing the baby’s name. Browse our Mongolian baby names to discover names incredibly different than those in Western cultures.

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Baatarsaikh... Boy Chinese Hero who brings ...
Bat Boy Mongolian Strong
Bataar Boy Mongolian Hero
Batukhan Boy Mongolian Firm ruler
Bayarmaa Girl Mongolian Joyful mother
Bold Boy Mongolian Steel
Bolorerdene Girl Central As... Crystal treasure
Bolormaa Girl Mongolian Crystal mother
Chuluun Boy Mongolian Stone
Khongordzol Girl Mongolian Thistle
Kushi Both Indian Living happily
Naranbaatar Boy Mongolian Sun hero
Narantsetseg Girl Mongolian Sunflower
Odval Girl Mongolian Chrysanthemum
Oyunbileg Girl Mongolian Gift of wisdom
Sarantsatsr... Girl Mongolian Mooneam; moonlig...
Sukhbataar Boy Mongolian Hero of the axe;...
Sükh Boy Mongolian Axe