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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Alan Boy Gaelic Rock
Alexander Boy Greek Defending men
Allen Boy Gaelic Rock
Ann Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Anne Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Beth Girl Hebrew My God is a vow
Claire Girl Latin Clear; bright; f...
David Boy Hebrew Beloved
Dawn Girl English Sunrise, daybreak
Day Girl English Day, 24 hours' t...
Elise Girl Hebrew My God is a vow
Elizabeth Girl Hebrew My God is a vow
Grace Girl Latin Good will
Gray Boy English Gray-haired; ple...
Grey Boy English Gray-haired; ple...
Ignatia Girl Latin Fiery
Jade Both English Precious green s...
James Boy Hebrew Supplanter
Jane Girl Hebrew God is gracious
Jean Both Hebrew God is gracious
John Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Joy Girl English Joy; jubilation
June Girl English The sixth month ...
Lee Both English Clearing, meadow
Leigh Both English Clearing, meadow
Lou Both Germanic Fame and war
Louise Girl Germanic Fame and war
Lynn Both English N/A
Lynne Girl English N/A
Mae Girl English The fifth month ...