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Our list of Mexican baby names is made up of the most popular baby names in Mexico and includes Mexican baby names that are native to Mexico and the more than 60 different indigenous communities there. These names are not only cool in Spanish-speaking countries, but also translate well in the United States. Isabella, Sofia, Santiago and Sebastián are just a few of the most popular names Latino parents in the United States have given their babies recently. So, if you’re looking to honor your heritage, or simply choose a name with a little Latino flavor, browse our Mexican baby names category.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Estefania Girl Greek Crown
Estefany Girl Greek Crown
Estella Girl Latin Star
Estevan Boy Greek Crown
Eurico Boy Norse Eternal ruler
Eusebio Boy Greek Pious one
Eustacio Boy Greek Rich of corn, fr...
Eva Girl Hebrew Life
Evelia Girl Hebrew Life
Evellia Girl Spanish Well; good
Evita Girl Hebrew Life
Ezequías Boy Spanish Strength from God
Ezequiel Boy Hebrew God will strengt...
Faustino Boy Latin Lucky; bringing ...
Felicidad Girl Latin Happy
Felipo Boy Greek Lover of horses
Felix Boy Latin Happy, lucky, fo...
Fernando Boy Spanish Intelligent and ...
Fidencio Boy Spanish Confidence; bold...
Filadelfo Boy Greek Brotherly love
Filiberto Boy Germanic Much brightness;...
Flabia Boy Latin Yellow-haired
Fortunato Boy Latin Fortunate
Fortuno Boy Spanish Fortune
Francisca Girl Latin From France
Fructo Boy Spanish Fruitful; fertile
Fructuoso Boy Spanish Fruitful; fertile
Fuensanta Girl Spanish Holy fount
Gabino Boy Latin Man from Gabium/...
Galo Boy Latin From Gaul (Franc...