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Our list of Mexican baby names is made up of the most popular baby names in Mexico and includes Mexican baby names that are native to Mexico and the more than 60 different indigenous communities there. These names are not only cool in Spanish-speaking countries, but also translate well in the United States. Isabella, Sofia, Santiago and Sebastián are just a few of the most popular names Latino parents in the United States have given their babies recently. So, if you’re looking to honor your heritage, or simply choose a name with a little Latino flavor, browse our Mexican baby names category.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Edelmera Girl Germanic Of noble race
Edelmida Girl Germanic Of noble race
Edgardo Boy English Protector of the...
Ediberto Boy English Clever
Edilberto Boy Germanic Nobly bright
Edita Girl English Prosperous in war
Eduardo Boy English Rich guard
Efenia Girl Spanish N/A
Efigeneia Girl Greek Royal
Efigenia Girl Greek Royal
Eladio Boy Greek The Greek
Eldora Girl Greek Gift of sun
Elena Girl Greek Wicker, reed, sh...
Eleuterio Boy Greek Free
Eleuthera Girl Greek Free
Elisio Boy Hebrew My God is salvat...
Elpidia Girl Greek Hope
Emerenciana Girl Latin Emerentius; wort...
Encarnaci Girl Spanish Incarnation
Encarnación Girl Spanish Incarnation
Enereida Girl Greek To praise
Enerida Girl Greek To praise
Engracia Girl Latin Good will; in gr...
Epifanio Boy Greek Manifestation
Eremita Girl Spanish Eremite; desert
Eréndira Girl Spanish The one who smil...
Espiridiana Girl Spanish Basketmaker
Esteban Boy Greek Crown
Estefan Boy Greek Crown
Estefani Girl Greek Crown