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Our list of Mexican baby names is made up of the most popular baby names in Mexico and includes Mexican baby names that are native to Mexico and the more than 60 different indigenous communities there. These names are not only cool in Spanish-speaking countries, but also translate well in the United States. Isabella, Sofia, Santiago and Sebastián are just a few of the most popular names Latino parents in the United States have given their babies recently. So, if you’re looking to honor your heritage, or simply choose a name with a little Latino flavor, browse our Mexican baby names category.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Aracely Girl Latin Sky altar
Arcadio Boy Greek One born in Arca...
Arcelia Girl Latin Altar of heaven
Arely Both Hebrew Brave; courageou...
Argento Boy Latin Silver
Ariano Boy Greek Warlike
Aristeo Boy Greek Best
Arleth Girl German Free man
Armonda Girl Germanic Man in the army
Arquímedis Boy Latin Arch of God
Arrio Boy Greek Warlike
Arsenio Boy Greek Virile
Artemio Boy Greek Gift from Artemi...
Artemisa Girl Greek Gift from Artemi...
Arturo Boy Gaelic Possibly bear or...
Aryiola Girl Spanish Fortune Teller
Asalia Girl Latin N/A
Ascencion Girl Spanish Ascension
Asela Girl Latin N/A
Asella Girl Latin N/A
Asenet Girl Hebrew Follower of Neith
Asuncion Girl Spanish Ascension
Atanacio Boy Spanish Without death
Atanasio Boy Spanish Without death
Atilano Boy Latin He who walks wit...
Atreo Boy Greek A king
Augustino Boy Latin Venerated; majes...
Aureo Boy Latin Gold
Avellino Both French Uncertain, pet f...
Azael Boy Hebrew Made of God