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Our list of Mexican baby names is made up of the most popular baby names in Mexico and includes Mexican baby names that are native to Mexico and the more than 60 different indigenous communities there. These names are not only cool in Spanish-speaking countries, but also translate well in the United States. Isabella, Sofia, Santiago and Sebastián are just a few of the most popular names Latino parents in the United States have given their babies recently. So, if you’re looking to honor your heritage, or simply choose a name with a little Latino flavor, browse our Mexican baby names category.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Javier Boy Basque New house
Javiera Girl Basque New house
Jazmín Girl Arabic Jasmine
Jerónimo Boy Greek Sacred name
Jesus Boy Hebrew God rescues
Jesusa Girl Hebrew God rescues
Jorge Boy Greek Earth worker
Jorgina Girl Greek Earth worker
José Boy Hebrew He will enlarge
Joviana Girl Greek Zeus
Juan Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Julia Girl Latin Down-bearded youth
Julian Boy Latin Down-bearded youth
Julieta Girl Latin Down-bearded youth
Juventino Boy Latin Youth
Karime Girl Spanish The attractive one
Karyme Girl Spanish The attractive one
Laszio Boy Hebrew God is my help
Leonardo Boy Germanic Strong as the lion
Leticia Girl Latin Joy
Liberada Girl Latin He who has been ...
Liberio Boy Latin Free from slavery
Libia Girl Greek Born in Libya
Litzy Girl Spanish N/A
Lobo Boy Spanish Wolf
Lola Both Spanish Sorrows
Lopita Girl Spanish Valley of the wo...
Louria Girl Latin Laurel
Lucero Boy Latin Light
Lucia Girl Latin Light