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Our list of Mexican baby names is made up of the most popular baby names in Mexico and includes Mexican baby names that are native to Mexico and the more than 60 different indigenous communities there. These names are not only cool in Spanish-speaking countries, but also translate well in the United States. Isabella, Sofia, Santiago and Sebastián are just a few of the most popular names Latino parents in the United States have given their babies recently. So, if you’re looking to honor your heritage, or simply choose a name with a little Latino flavor, browse our Mexican baby names category.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Gemino Boy Latin Twins
Georgina Girl Greek Earth worker
Gerardo Boy Germanic Strength of the ...
Glafira Girl Greek Polished; fine; ...
Gonzalo Boy Spanish Fight; combat
Graciela Girl Spanish Grace
Guadalupe Girl Spanish Valley of the wo...
Hector Boy Greek Holding fast
Heladio Boy Greek The Greek
Heliodoro Boy Greek Gift of sun
Heráclio Boy Greek Grandiose gift; ...
Heriberto Boy German Bright army; bri...
Hernando Boy German Peaceful venture
Hipolito Boy Greek Loosener of horses
Honesto Boy Spanish Honorable; reput...
Hugo Boy Germanic Mind, heart or s...
Ifigenia Girl Greek Royal
Ignacio Boy Latin Fiery
Incarnació Girl Spanish Incarnation
Incarnazión Girl Spanish Incarnation
Indalecio Boy Basque He who is like a...
Inez Girl Greek Chaste
Irene Girl Greek Peace
Isabel Girl Hebrew My God is a vow
Isadoro Boy Greek Gift of Isis
Ivelis Girl French N/A
Jacián Boy Greek Healer
Jacinto Boy Greek Hyacinth
Jacobo Boy Hebrew Supplanted; held...
Jairo Boy Hebrew He will light up