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The Mapuche are indigenous people of south-central Chile and southwestern Argentina and their names are used in both countries. Their name, Mapuche, translates to “people of the earth” and they have been inhabitants of Chile and Argentina since prior to 500 BC. Mapuche baby names appeal to those parents looking to honor the original inhabitants and native populations of the world, or who appreciate nature and civilizations of antiquity. If you’re looking to honor your heritage, or just simply honor the earth, browse our collection of common Mapuche baby names.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Ailen Girl Mapudungun Little coal
Ailín Both Gaelic Rock
Ayelén Girl Mapudungun To smile; joy
Huenu Boy Mapudungun Sky
Lican Girl Mapudungun Flint stone
Lichuen Both Mapudungun Light
Lilen Girl Mapudungun Shrub
Maiten Boy Mapudungun Tree
Malen Girl Mapudungun Maiden
Manque Boy Mapudungun Condor
Nahuel Boy Mapudungun Jaguar
Nehuen Boy Mapudungun Strong
Neyen Boy Mapudungun Breath
Nulpi Both Mapudungun White flower
Pehuen Boy Mapudungun Araucaria
Pichi Boy Mapudungun Small; boy
Pire Girl Mapudungun Snow
Raiquen Boy Mapudungun Night bird
Rayen Girl Mapudungun Flower
Suyai Girl Mapudungun Hope
Yaco Boy Mapudungun Leather bag
Yaima Girl Mapudungun Water conduit
Yamai Both Mapudungun In agreement
Yenien Both Mapudungun To bring along
Yerimen Both Mapudungun Agile