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Love Names

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Agape Both Greek Love
Ahava Girl Hebrew Love; brotherhood
Ahavah Girl Hebrew Love; brotherhood
Ahavat Girl Hebrew Love; brotherhood
Ai Girl Japanese Love
Aiko Both Japanese Love child
Aimé Boy French Loved
Aimée Girl French Loved
Aimeus Boy Latin Loved
Aimo Boy French Loved
Airi Girl Japanese Beloved jasmine
Amabella Girl French Lovable
Amanda Both Latin She who must be ...
Amandine Girl Latin She who must be ...
Amandus Boy Latin He who must be l...
Amie Girl French Loved
Amy Girl French Loved
Angel Both Greek Messenger
Angharad Girl Welsh Beloved; much lo...
Aphrodite Girl Greek Risen from the f...
Aroha Girl Maori Love, mercy, pit...
Babe Girl American E... Baby
Baby Both American E... Baby
Caressa Girl French Caress
Caresse Girl French Caress
Caris Girl Welsh Love
Carisa Girl French Caress
Carissa Girl French Caress
Carita Girl Latin Love
Caritas Girl Latin Love