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Literary Characters Names

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Alda Girl Germanic Old; elder
Aldabella Girl Germanic Old; noble
Alec Boy Greek Defending men
Algernon Boy French With a moustache
Alice Girl Germanic Noble kind; of t...
Alix Both Greek Defending men
Alkinoos Boy Greek Strong-willed
Alma Girl Hebrew Maiden
Amaryllis Girl Greek Sparkling
Amelia Girl Germanic Work; effort; st...
Aminta Girl Greek Defender
Amintor Boy Greek Defender
Amy Girl French Loved
Anagha Boy Sanskrit Without sin; pure
Androcles Boy Greek Man of fame
Androkles Boy Greek Man of fame
Andromache Girl Greek Battle of a man
Andromaque Girl Greek Battle of a man
Andronicus Boy Greek Conqueror of men...
Anelia Girl Literary N/A
Angada Boy Sanskrit With beautiful l...
Anitra Girl German N/A
Anjaneya Boy Sanskrit Son of Anjana; p...
Antigone Girl Greek The opposite of ...
Antonia Girl Latin N/A
Aphrodite Girl Greek Risen from the f...
Aragorn Boy Literary N/A
Araminta Girl Literary N/A
Aramis Boy Literary N/A
Aretina Girl Greek Excellence