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Literary Characters Names

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Seth Boy Hebrew Appointed
Shanti Girl Sanskrit Peace
Sheba Girl Hebrew Daughter of an o...
Sherlock Boy English With cropped hair
Shirley Girl English Bright grassland
Silver Both English Silver
Sofronia Girl Greek Prudent
Solveig Girl German House of power
Sophie Girl Greek Wisdom
Starling Girl English Starling bird
Stella Girl Latin Star
Susan Girl Hebrew Lily
Swann Both English Swan
Sydney Both English Wide meadow
Tarzan Boy Literary White skin
Telemachos Boy Greek Battle from afar
Telemachus Boy Greek Battle from afar
Tess Girl Greek Harvester
Thaisa Girl Greek Uncertain, perha...
Thelma Girl Literary Will; wish
Theonoe Girl Greek Divine wisdom
Théotime Boy Greek One who honors G...
Theseus Boy Greek Disposes; orders
Thordis Girl Norse Woman of Thor
Titania Girl Latin Uncertain, perha...
Toby Boy Hebrew God is good
Trilby Girl English N/A
Tristram Boy Gaelic Tumult
Tryphon Boy Greek Soft
Trystan Boy Gaelic Tumult