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Literary Characters Names

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Polonius Boy Latin Related to Poland
Polyxena Girl Greek Hospitable
Portia Girl Latin Pig
Posy Girl Hebrew He will enlarge
Prospero Boy Latin Prosperous
Pryderi Boy Welsh Care, concern
Psyche Girl Greek Soul
Rebecca Girl Hebrew To tie
Remus Boy Latin N/A
Renata Girl Latin Reborn
Reynard Boy Germanic Brave counsel
Rhett Boy English Advice, counsel
Rhun Boy Welsh Grand
Robin Both Germanic Bright fame
Roderick Boy Germanic Famous ruler
Rodrigue Boy Germanic Famous ruler
Roland Boy Germanic Famous country
Romeo Boy Italian Pilgrim to Rome
Ronald Boy Norse Ruler with counsel
Ronan Boy Gaelic Little seal
Rosaleen Girl Germanic Weak, tender or ...
Rosalind Girl Germanic Weak, tender or ...
Rostam Boy Persian Tall; strong
Roxane Girl Persian Star; bright; dawn
Rudāba Girl Persian She of the river...
Rudabah Girl Persian She of the river...
Rudābeh Girl Persian She of the river...
Ruslan Boy N/A N/A
Sam Both Hebrew His name is God
Samwise Boy N/A N/A