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Literary Characters Names

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Mary Girl Hebrew Bitter
Matilda Girl Germanic Powerful battler
Mavis Girl English Song thrush
Medea Girl Greek Cunning; virile
Médée Girl Greek Cunning; virile
Medora Girl English N/A
Melissa Girl Greek Honey-bee
Melusina Girl French N/A
Mélusine Girl French N/A
Mercutio Boy Latin Related to the g...
Merlin Boy Welsh Sea fort
Merry Girl English Compassion; happ...
Mignon Girl French Cute
Miniver Girl Welsh White; fair; smo...
Morgain Girl Welsh Sea-born
Morgaine Girl Welsh Sea-born
Morgan Both Welsh Uncertain, perha...
Morgana Girl Welsh Uncertain, perha...
Morgause Girl English N/A
Myra Girl Latin Uncertain, perha...
Nala Both Sanskrit Stem, hollow reed
Nana Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Nausicaa Girl Greek N/A
Nausikaä Girl Greek N/A
Nemo Boy Latin No one
Nicholas Boy Greek Victory of the p...
Nimue Girl Welsh N/A
Nissa Girl Hebrew Sign; the test
Nuria Girl Catalan N/A
Oberon Boy German Noble bear