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If you’re looking to honor your Kenyan heritage, browse our collection of Kenyan baby names for boys and girls. Among the Luo and Luhya tribes of Kenya, serious consideration goes into the choice of name, as it is believed the baby will adopt the traits of the person it has been named after. In Kenyan naming practices, a child’s first name is a traditional “Western” name (from US or Europe, for instance). Then, a second name is given that refers to the circumstances of their birth: time, weather, day of the week. If you are looking for a traditional East African name for your baby, look no further than our selection of Kenyan baby names.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Basma Girl Arabic A smile
Basmah Girl Arabic A smile
Batuuli Girl Swahili Young maiden
Baya Girl Swahili Ugly-looking
Bayyina Girl Swahili Testament; evide...
Bebi Girl Swahili Infant
Bia Girl Italian White; fair
Bimbaya Girl Swahili Ugly-looking woman
Bimdogo Girl Swahili Young woman
Bimkubwa Girl Swahili Great lady
Bimnono Girl Swahili Corpulent woman
Bishara Girl Swahili Good tidings
Bitisururu Girl Swahili Child of joy
Bititi Girl Swahili Woman of strength
Biubwa Girl Swahili Smooth like a baby
Buqisi Girl Swahili Queen of Sheba
Busara Girl Swahili Wisdom, prudence...
Bushira Girl Swahili Brings good tidi...
Chaniya Girl Swahili Wealthy
Chausiku Girl Swahili Born at night
Chiku Girl Swahili Talker; one who ...
Chilemba Boy African Turban
Chitundu Boy African Bird nest
Chiumbo Boy African Little
Chuki Girl Swahili Born in a time o...
Dabiku Girl Swahili Offering
Dafina Girl Swahili High worth
Dalila Girl Swahili Gentleness; her ...
Dalili Girl Swahili Omen; symbol
Damisi Girl Swahili Happy; gregarious