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If you’re looking to honor your Kenyan heritage, browse our collection of Kenyan baby names for boys and girls. Among the Luo and Luhya tribes of Kenya, serious consideration goes into the choice of name, as it is believed the baby will adopt the traits of the person it has been named after. In Kenyan naming practices, a child’s first name is a traditional “Western” name (from US or Europe, for instance). Then, a second name is given that refers to the circumstances of their birth: time, weather, day of the week. If you are looking for a traditional East African name for your baby, look no further than our selection of Kenyan baby names.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Aminifu Girl Swahili Faithful, devoted
Amira Girl Arabic Princess; prospe...
Amne Girl Swahili Safe; stable
Aneesa Girl Greek Chaste
Angavu Girl Swahili Bright, shining
Anisa Girl Hebrew Grace; favour
Anisun Girl Swahili Friendly
Arafa Girl Swahili Intelligent; wel...
Arifa Girl Arabic Intelligent; wel...
Arusi Girl Sanskrit Calm; bright, th...
Asali Girl Swahili Honey
Asatira Girl Swahili Myth, saga, legend
Asha Girl Sanskrit Hope
Ashura Both Arabic Tenth
Asilia Girl Swahili Honest, genuine
Asiya Girl Arabic Nurse
Asma Girl Arabic Prestige; appell...
Asmahani Girl Swahili Exalted
Asumini Girl Swahili Jasmine
Asya Girl Swahili Born during mour...
Awena Girl Welsh Muse
Aza Girl Swahili Reflect, think; ...
Aziza Girl Arabic Powerful; beloved
Badriya Girl Swahili Like the moon
Bahati Girl Swahili Luck, fortune
Bahiya Girl Arabic Beautiful
Barke Girl Swahili A blessing
Basha Girl Hebrew Daughter of a pr...
Bashaam Girl Swahili Wealthy
Bashira Girl Arabic Well-educated; w...