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If you’re looking to honor your Kenyan heritage, browse our collection of Kenyan baby names for boys and girls. Among the Luo and Luhya tribes of Kenya, serious consideration goes into the choice of name, as it is believed the baby will adopt the traits of the person it has been named after. In Kenyan naming practices, a child’s first name is a traditional “Western” name (from US or Europe, for instance). Then, a second name is given that refers to the circumstances of their birth: time, weather, day of the week. If you are looking for a traditional East African name for your baby, look no further than our selection of Kenyan baby names.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Shawana Girl Swahili Graceful
Shukura Girl Swahili Thankful
Siham Girl Swahili Sharing
Sikudhani Girl Swahili An unexpected gift
Simba Boy Swahili Lion
Siri Girl German Fair victory
Sisya Girl Swahili Girl from the mf...
Siti Girl Swahili Woman
Subira Girl Swahili Patience has its...
Suhaila Girl Arabic Gentle, easy
Tabia Girl Swahili Polite behavior
Tamasha Girl Swahili Joyous occasion
Tatu Girl Swahili Third child
Tawa Girl Swahili Devout
Thabiti Boy African A genuine man
Tisha Girl English N/A
Tosha Girl Latin (Christ's) birth...
Tuhfa Girl Arabic Gift
Tumaini Girl Swahili Hope
Wachiru Boy African Son of a judge
Wambua Boy African Born during the ...
Wambui Girl African Singer of songs
Wanjohi Boy African Brewer
Waseme Girl Swahili Let them talk
Wekesa Boy African Born during the ...
Yumna Girl Arabic Blessed, lucky
Yusra Girl Arabic Prosperity, good...
Zahra Girl Arabic Shining; flower
Zaida Girl Arabic Prosperous; incr...
Zaina Girl Arabic Beautiful