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From Aaron to Zohar, we have a complete and comprehensive list of Jewish and Hebrew baby names. Looking for a baby name of Jewish tradition, religion and culture? Some of the most popular names of today (Noah, Jacob, Abigail, Caleb) are of Hebrew origin. Hebrew names are among the oldest and most consistently used names in the history of the world. Our Jewish baby names category contains popularity information, pronunciations and accurate origin and meanings data along with historical tidbits and unique pop culture references to help you make your choice. Browse our vast collection of Jewish baby names for your newborn! Mazel Tov!

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Perach Girl Hebrew Flower, blossom
Perachiah Boy Hebrew Jehovah\'s flower
Peretz Boy Hebrew Burst forth, bre...
Peri Boy Hebrew Fruit
Perl Both English Pearl
Pesach Boy Hebrew Passover
Pesah Boy Hebrew Passover
Petuel Boy Aramaic Vision of God
Phineas Boy English The Nubian
Phinehas Boy English The Nubian
Pili Girl Swahili Second child
Pinchas Boy English The Nubian
Pinchos Boy English The Nubian
Pincus Boy English The Nubian
Pinhas Boy English The Nubian
Pini Boy English The Nubian
Pinkas Boy English The Nubian
Pinkus Boy English The Nubian
Raam Boy Hebrew Thunder
Raamah Boy Hebrew Thunder
Raamia Boy Hebrew God's thunder
Raamiah Boy Hebrew God's thunder
Raamya Boy Hebrew God's thunder
Raanan Boy Hebrew Flourishing
Raanana Girl Hebrew Lucious
Raba Boy Hebrew Teacher
Rabbah Boy Hebrew Teacher
Rachael Girl Hebrew Ewe
Racham Boy Hebrew Compassionate
Rachamim Boy Hebrew Compassionate