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From Aaron to Zohar, we have a complete and comprehensive list of Jewish and Hebrew baby names. Looking for a baby name of Jewish tradition, religion and culture? Some of the most popular names of today (Noah, Jacob, Abigail, Caleb) are of Hebrew origin. Hebrew names are among the oldest and most consistently used names in the history of the world. Our Jewish baby names category contains popularity information, pronunciations and accurate origin and meanings data along with historical tidbits and unique pop culture references to help you make your choice. Browse our vast collection of Jewish baby names for your newborn! Mazel Tov!

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Levonat Girl Hebrew Frankincense
Levy Boy Hebrew Combined
Lewy Boy Hebrew Combined
Leya Girl Hebrew Weary
Leyb Boy Yiddish Lion
Liami Boy Hebrew I have my people
Liba Girl Yiddish Loved one
Libe Girl Yiddish Loved one
Libi Girl Hebrew My heart
Libiya Girl Hebrew My heart belongs...
Libke Girl Yiddish Loved one
Lidan Boy Hebrew I have a judge
Lieb Boy Yiddish Loved one
Lieba Girl Yiddish Loved one
Liebe Girl German Loved one
Lieber Boy German Loved one
Lilia Girl Latin Lilies
Lind Boy German Lime tree
Linir Boy Hebrew My plowed field;...
Linit Girl Hebrew To rest
Link Boy German Left hand
Liori Boy Hebrew I have my light
Liram Boy Hebrew My loftiness
Liran Both Hebrew My song; my joy
Liraz Both Hebrew My secret
Liron Both Hebrew Song is mine; jo...
Lirona Girl Hebrew My song; my joy
Lirone Both Hebrew Song is mine; jo...
Livana Girl Hebrew Moon
Livingston Boy English Levin stone