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For parents who like to get creative and think outside the box, Japanese baby names are a great place to start. Japanese names are usually written in kanji, which are characters of Chinese origin in Japanese pronunciation, may have a variety of possible Japanese pronunciations. Following this trait, one Japanese name can have dozens of meanings, as well. We have done our best to detangle the mystery in our collection of Japanese names, and have included many traditional and modern Japanese names. Our name detail pages include gender and pronunciation, meaning, popularity info, notable namesakes and pop culture references about each name. Check out our selection of fine Japanese baby names.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Sachiye Girl Japanese Auspicious bless...
Sachiyo Girl Japanese Happy generation
Sadako Girl Japanese Proper child
Sadayo Girl Japanese Proper world
Saeko Girl Japanese Serene child
Sai Girl Japanese Paint
Saiko Girl Japanese Serene child
Sakae Girl Japanese Prosperity
Sakaye Girl Japanese Prosperity
Saki Girl Japanese Rare blossoming
Sakiko Girl Japanese Blossom child
Sakura Girl Japanese Cherry blossom
Sakurako Girl Japanese Cherry blossom c...
Sanae Girl Japanese Rice seedlings
Sanaye Girl Japanese Rice seedlings
Sanjirou Boy Japanese Third reigning son
Satoko Girl Japanese Wise child
Satomi Girl Japanese Wise beauty
Satoru Boy Japanese Enlightenment
Satoyo Girl Japanese Hometown generat...
Satsuki Girl Japanese Fifth month
Sawa Girl Japanese Help and harmony
Saya Girl Japanese Swift arrow
Sayaka Girl Japanese Good arrow of th...
Sayeko Girl Japanese Serene child
Sayo Girl Japanese World of gauze; ...
Sayoko Girl Japanese Evening child
Sayuri Girl Japanese Small lily
Seiichi Boy Japanese Sincere one
Seiji Boy Japanese Truthful rule