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Italy is so much more than just the birthplace of pizza (although, we agree THAT is mighty important); it’s also home to the premiere of all romance languages and is, therefore, known for its bounty of breath-taking baby names. Italian names are used in Italy and other Italian-speaking regions such as southern Switzerland. Traditionally, most Italian children were names after saints. If you’re looking for Italian baby names, we’ve got them all, and then some! Browse our list of Italian baby names to choose the best name from “the old country” for your bambino!

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Ernesta Girl Germanic Earnest, serious
Ernesto Boy Germanic Earnest, serious
Ettore Boy Greek Holding fast
Eufemia Girl Greek Fair speech
Eugenio Boy Greek Well born
Eustachio Boy Greek Rich of corn, fr...
Evaristo Boy Greek Well pleasing
Evelina Girl German Uncertain, possi...
Fabia Girl Latin A bean
Fabiano Boy Latin A bean
Fabio Boy Latin A bean
Fabrizio Boy Latin Craftsman
Fausto Boy Latin Lucky
Fedele Boy Latin Faithful
Feliciano Boy Latin Happy, lucky, fo...
Felicita Girl Latin Good fortune
Ferdinanda Girl German Uncertain, perha...
Ferdinando Boy German Uncertain, perha...
Fiamma Girl Italian Flame
Fiammetta Girl Italian Flame
Filippo Boy Greek Lover of horses
Filomena Girl Greek To love strength
Fiorella Girl Italian Flower
Fiorenzo Boy Latin Blossoming; flou...
Firmino Boy Latin Strong; powerful
Flavio Boy Italian Yellow-haired
Florentina Girl Latin Blossoming; char...
Florentino Boy Latin Blossoming; char...
Florenza Girl Latin Blossoming; char...
Fortunata Girl Latin Fortunate