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Italy is so much more than just the birthplace of pizza (although, we agree THAT is mighty important); it’s also home to the premiere of all romance languages and is, therefore, known for its bounty of breath-taking baby names. Italian names are used in Italy and other Italian-speaking regions such as southern Switzerland. Traditionally, most Italian children were names after saints. If you’re looking for Italian baby names, we’ve got them all, and then some! Browse our list of Italian baby names to choose the best name from “the old country” for your bambino!

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Annunziata Girl Latin Announcement
Annunzio Boy Latin Announcement
Antioco Boy Greek To hold out agai...
Antonella Girl Latin N/A
Antonia Girl Latin N/A
Antonino Boy Latin N/A
Antonio Boy Latin N/A
Apollinare Boy Greek N/A
Apollinaris Boy Greek N/A
Arduino Boy Germanic Staunch friend
Arianna Girl Greek Very holy one
Arietta Girl Germanic Home ruler
Armando Boy Germanic Man in the army.
Armida Girl Italian N/A
Armide Girl Italian N/A
Arnalda Girl Germanic Powerful eagle
Arnaldo Boy Germanic Powerful eagle
Arnaud Boy Germanic Powerful eagle
Arnoldo Boy English Powerful eagle
Arnolfo Boy Germanic Eagle and wolf
Arrigo Boy Germanic Home ruler
Arsenio Boy Greek Virile
Arturo Boy Gaelic Possibly bear or...
Assumpta Girl Latin The assumption
Assumptio Boy Latin The assumption
Assunta Girl Latin The assumption
Assunto Boy Latin The assumption
Augusto Boy Latin Venerated
Aurelio Boy Latin Golden
Baldassare Boy Phoenician Lord protect the...