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Looking for a baby name worthy of the Irish? Irish names have a unique, enigmatic quality that appeals to many modern parents, owed, no doubt, to their ancient Gaelic and Celtic origins and the mystery that surrounds them. Our Irish name detail pages include gender and pronunciation, meaning, popularity info, notable namesakes and pop culture references about each name. Finding that perfect baby name is certainly easier than finding that four-leaf clover! Test your luck and maybe you’ll find a pot o’ gold at the end of our Irish baby names list.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Calhoun Boy English Warrior
Callan Boy Gaelic Descendant of Ca...
Canice Boy N/A Handsome
Cannon Boy English Canon; a clergyman
Caoilfhinn Girl Gaelic Slender and fair
Caoilte Boy Gaelic [unsure]
Caoimhe Girl Gaelic Gentleness; beauty
Caoimheán Boy Gaelic Beautiful at birth
Caoimhghín Boy Gaelic Beautiful at birth
Caoimhín Boy Gaelic Beautiful at birth
Caolán Boy Gaelic Slender
Carberry Boy Gaelic N/A
Carbery Boy Gaelic N/A
Carbry Boy Gaelic N/A
Carell Boy Gaelic Fierce warrior
Carey Boy Gaelic Well loved; ston...
Carlin Boy Gaelic Descendant of Ce...
Carmody Girl Gaelic Descendant of Ce...
Carney Boy Gaelic Victorious
Caroll Boy Gaelic Fierce warrior
Carrick Boy Gaelic Rock
Carrig Boy Gaelic Rock
Carroll Boy Gaelic Fierce warrior
Carson Boy Gaelic N/A
Casey Both American E... From Cayce
Cassidy Both Gaelic Curly
Cathal Boy Gaelic Powerful in battle
Cathaoir Boy Gaelic Guard
Cathleen Girl Gaelic Pure
Catríona Girl Greek Pure