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Looking for a baby name worthy of the Irish? Irish names have a unique, enigmatic quality that appeals to many modern parents, owed, no doubt, to their ancient Gaelic and Celtic origins and the mystery that surrounds them. Our Irish name detail pages include gender and pronunciation, meaning, popularity info, notable namesakes and pop culture references about each name. Finding that perfect baby name is certainly easier than finding that four-leaf clover! Test your luck and maybe you’ll find a pot o’ gold at the end of our Irish baby names list.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Aoibheann Girl Gaelic Pleasant; beauti...
Aoife Girl Gaelic Beautiful; radia...
Aralt Boy English Leader of an army
Ardal Boy Gaelic High valor
Árdghal Boy Gaelic High valor
Artegal Boy Gaelic High valor
Ashlin Girl Gaelic Dream
Ashling Girl Gaelic Dream
Ashlinn Girl Gaelic Dream
Baird Boy Gaelic Poet, a songwrit...
Banan Both Gaelic White
Banbhan Boy Gaelic Little piglet
Baothghalach Boy Gaelic Foolish pride
Barra Boy Gaelic Spear
Bartley Boy English Birch wood
Beacán Boy Gaelic Little one
Beag Boy Gaelic Little, small
Beanón Boy Latin Kind; benevolent
Bearach Boy Gaelic Spear
Bearchán Boy Gaelic Spear
Beartlaí Boy Greek Son of Talmai
Bechan Girl Hebrew God is my solemn...
Bedelia Girl Gaelic Power, strength
Behellagh Boy Gaelic Foolish pride
Benen Boy Latin Kind; benevolent
Beolagh Boy Gaelic Foolish pride
Bercan Boy Gaelic Spear
Bidelia Girl Gaelic Power, strength
Blaine Boy Gaelic Yellow
Bowen Boy Welsh Son of Owen