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Indonesia is an archipelago country in Southeast Asia and Oceania consisting of over 17,000 islands. Indonesian history has been influenced by foreign powers drawn to its natural resources, and the names used there reflect a vast diversity and influence of multiple nations and ethnic involvements. Indonesia consists of hundreds of distinct native ethnic and linguistic groups, among them the Javanese, Balinese, Sumatran and Malay. The Indonesian culture considers it rude to refer to someone by their full first name (unless the name has only one or two syllables) so many full Indonesian baby names are what most other cultures would consider “nicknames”. See for yourself in our collection of Indonesian baby names.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Aasera Girl Arabic N/A
Adinda Girl Literary Oldest daughter
Ameya Boy Indian Vast; without bo...
Amisha Girl Indian Truthful
Amritpal Girl Sanskrit Immortal; ambros...
Anisha Girl Indian Constant; unceas...
Ayub Boy Arabic Supplanting
Gabir Boy Arabic Comforter, conso...
Gajaraja Boy Sanskrit King of the elep...
Hakim Boy Arabic Wise or insightful
Jawa Both N/A
Malik Boy Arabic King; owner
Melatie Girl Sanskrit Jasmine
Riya Girl Indian Singer
Sabeen Girl Arabic Follows another ...
Suri Girl Hebrew Princess