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We have a large collection of Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, and Christian baby names commonly used in India. Many Indian baby names are Sanskrit in origin and their meanings refer to positive qualities parents wish for their babies to have. Indian baby names can be difficult for English-speakers to pronounce despite their rich, cultural meaning, so it is important to take this into consideration when choosing a name. Our Indian baby names category contains popularity information, pronunciations and accurate origin and meanings data along with historical tidbits and unique pop culture references relative to each name. Browse our Indian baby names category today to find the best name for your baby.

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Paradhaman Boy Sanskrit Supreme adobe
Param Boy Sanskrit Supreme; highest
Parama Both Sanskrit Supreme; highest
Paraman Boy Sanskrit Supreme; highest
Paramatman Boy Sanskrit The supreme Self
Paramatmika Girl Sanskrit She whose nature...
Paramesh Boy Sanskrit Supreme Lord
Paramesha Boy Sanskrit Supreme Lord
Parameshthin Boy Sanskrit Established by t...
Parameshwar Boy Sanskrit Supreme Lord
Parameshwara Boy Sanskrit Supreme Lord
Parameshwari Girl Sanskrit Supreme sovereig...
Paramika Girl Sanskrit Supreme; highest
Paramodara Boy Sanskrit Supremely great ...
Parashakti Girl Sanskrit Supreme power
Parashar Boy Sanskrit Destroyer
Parashara Boy Sanskrit Destroyer
Parashuram Boy Sanskrit Rama with an ax
Parashurama Boy Sanskrit Rama with an ax
Parasurama Boy Sanskrit Rama of the axe
Paratpara Boy Sanskrit Higher than the ...
Paresh Boy Sanskrit Supreme Lord
Paresha Boy Sanskrit Supreme Lord
Pareshti Boy Sanskrit Having the highe...
Pari Girl Persian Fairy
Parijat Boy Sanskrit The celestial co...
Parijata Boy Sanskrit The celestial co...
Parikshit Boy Indian One who has been...
Parivrajaka Boy Sanskrit Wanderer; itiner...
Parjany Boy Sanskrit The Rain-God