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We have a large collection of Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, and Christian baby names commonly used in India. Many Indian baby names are Sanskrit in origin and their meanings refer to positive qualities parents wish for their babies to have. Indian baby names can be difficult for English-speakers to pronounce despite their rich, cultural meaning, so it is important to take this into consideration when choosing a name. Our Indian baby names category contains popularity information, pronunciations and accurate origin and meanings data along with historical tidbits and unique pop culture references relative to each name. Browse our Indian baby names category today to find the best name for your baby.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Tanu Boy Sanskrit Slender; delicate
Tanuja Both Sanskrit Born of the body
Tanuna Boy Sanskrit Bodiless
Tanusri Girl Sanskrit With a divine body
Tanveer Boy Punjabi Brave and strong...
Tanvi Girl Indian Yong woman
Tanvir Boy Punjabi Brave and strong...
Tapana Boy Sanskrit Illuminating
Tapasa Boy Sanskrit An ascetic
Tapasi Girl Sanskrit An ascetic
Tapasvi Boy Sanskrit An ascetic
Tapasvini Girl Sanskrit An ascetic
Tapaswee Boy Sanskrit An ascetic
Tapaswi Boy Sanskrit An ascetic
Tapaswini Girl Sanskrit An ascetic
Tapasya Boy Sanskrit Produced by heat
Tara Girl Gaelic Crag; hill
Taradhipati Boy Sanskrit Lord of the stars
Taraka Boy Sanskrit Deliverer
Tarakini Girl Sanskrit Starry
Taran Boy Indian Heaven; raft
Tarana Boy Sanskrit Rescuing; saving
Taranga Boy Sanskrit Goes across
Tarangini Girl Sanskrit Full of waves
Tarani Girl Sanskrit Raft, boat
Tarasvin Boy Sanskrit Quick, energetic
Taravati Girl Sanskrit Having stars
Tarendra Boy Sanskrit The chief of stars
Tarika Girl Sanskrit Savior
Tarini Girl Sanskrit The Saving Goddess