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This collection of Hungarian names is compiled from names used in the country of Hungary in central Europe. Look no further than the Adriatic to find the perfect name for your child! Hungarians are unique to all of Europe in that their children are given a family name (otherwise known as a surname or last name) first, followed by a first (or given) name. Hungarian baby names are very visually striking and interesting to native English speakers and should appeal to those looking for something different, yet not made-up or fabricated. Check out our selection of exquisite Hungarian baby names to find a unique choice for your baby girl or boy.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Irenke Girl Greek Peace
István Boy Greek Crown
Istvánka Girl Greek Crown
Ivanka Girl Hebrew God is gracious
Izolde Girl Welsh Beautiful
Jakobina Girl Hebrew Supplanted; held...
Jancsi Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Janek Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Jani Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Janika Both Hebrew God is gracious
János Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Janosch Boy Hebrew God is gracious
Jenka Girl Hebrew God is gracious
Jenő Boy Greek Well born
Jolán Girl Hungarian Country
Jozsefa Girl Hebrew He will enlarge
Jozsua Boy Hebrew God rescues
Judit Girl Hebrew Of Judea
Julcsa Girl Latin Down-bearded youth
Julianja Girl Latin Down-bearded youth
Julika Girl Latin Down-bearded youth
Kami Both Latin Altar server
Kamilla Girl Latin N/A
Károly Boy German Free man
Kata Both Greek Pure
Katácska Girl Greek Pure
Katalin Girl Greek Pure
Katalinka Girl Greek Pure
Katarina Girl Greek Pure
Katinka Girl Greek Pure