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From Aaron to Zohar, we have a complete and comprehensive list of Jewish and Hebrew baby names. Looking for a baby name of Hebrew tradition, religion and culture? Some of the most popular names of today (Noah, Jacob, Abigail, Caleb) are of Hebrew origin. Hebrew names are among the oldest and most consistently used names in the history of the world. Our Hebrew baby names category contains popularity information, pronunciations and accurate origin and meanings data along with historical tidbits and unique pop culture references to help you make your choice. Browse our vast collection of Hebrew baby names for your newborn! Mazel Tov!

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Orah Girl Hebrew Light
Oralee Girl Hebrew My light
Orev Boy Hebrew Raven
Orgad Boy Hebrew Light of happiness
Orgal Girl Hebrew Wave of light
Ori Boy Hebrew My light
Oria Girl Hebrew Light of God
Orli Both Hebrew Light is mine
Oron Boy Hebrew Light
Orpah Girl Hebrew A fawn, a forelo...
Orpaz Girl Hebrew Light of gold
Ortal Boy Hebrew Morning dew
Orya Girl Hebrew Light of God
Oryan Boy Hebrew Study
Oshea Boy Hebrew Helped by God, s...
Osher Boy Hebrew Happiness
Oshri Boy Hebrew My happiness
Oshriel Boy Hebrew God is my happin...
Othniel Boy Hebrew Might of god
Otzara Girl Hebrew Riches, treasure
Oved Boy Hebrew Servant, serving
Ozera Girl Hebrew Help, assistance...
Ozni Boy Hebrew Hearing, my hear...
Pagiel Boy Hebrew God allots, to p...
Paz Both English Peace
Paza Girl Hebrew Gold
Pazel Boy Hebrew God's gold
Pazi Boy Hebrew My gold
Pazia Girl Hebrew Gold of God
Paziah Girl Hebrew Gold of God