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Hawaiian names are exotic and musical, and most describe the beauty of nature, which is fitting given their origin in such a majestic and breathtaking place. Names born in this island paradise are incredibly unique and they are like no other names in the world. Our Hawaiian baby names category contains popularity information, pronunciations and accurate origin and meanings data along with historical tidbits and unique pop culture references to help you make your choice. Browse our large selection of Hawaiian names and say “aloha” to the perfect name for your baby.

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Kamalani Both Hawaiian Chief's child
Kamalei Both Hawaiian Beloved child
Kamaluhiaka... Boy Hawaiian Sacred peace
Kamamalu Both Hawaiian The protection
Kamani Both Hawaiian Tree
Kamea Girl Hawaiian Sweet darling
Kameli Girl Hawaiian Bee; honeybee
Kamoana Girl Hawaiian Ocean; open sea
Kamoku Boy Hawaiian The island
Kamole Both Hawaiian The main root, f...
Kana Both Hawaiian Name of a demi-god
Kana'i Boy Hawaiian Conqueror, victor
Kanae Girl Hawaiian Beautiful one
Kanakanui Boy Hawaiian Person with power
Kanani Both Hawaiian The beauty; the ...
Kaneho'omalu Boy Hawaiian Man of peace
Kanoa Both Hawaiian The free one
Kanoelani Both Hawaiian The heavenly mist
Kanuha Both Hawaiian The sulky one
Kanupa Both Hawaiian The luxuriant gr...
Kapahu Both Hawaiian The drum, chest,...
Kapalaoa Boy Hawaiian Ivory
Kapalekanaka Boy Hawaiian Defender of mank...
Kapali Boy Hawaiian Cliff
Kaponianani Girl Hawaiian Beautiful anoint...
Kapono Both Hawaiian The righteous; t...
Kapua Both Hawaiian The flower, blos...
Kapua'ilima Both Hawaiian The 'ilima flower
Kapua'ula Both Hawaiian The red flower; ...
Kapueo Both Hawaiian The owl