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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Narcissa Girl Greek Sleep; torpor
Neville Boy French New town
Newton Boy English New settlement, ...
Nicholas Boy Greek Victory of the p...
Oliver Boy French Elf army
Olympe Girl Greek From Mount Olympus
Padma Girl Sanskrit Lotus-hued
Pansy Girl English Thought
Pavati Girl Native Ame... Clean water
Percy Boy French Pierce valley
Peter Boy Greek Stone
Petunia Girl English Petunia flower
Phineas Boy English The Nubian
Pius Boy Latin Pious
Pomona Girl Latin Fruit tree
Poppy Girl English Poppy flower
Reginald Boy Germanic Ruler with counsel
Remus Boy Latin N/A
Ron Both Norse Ruler with counsel
Ronald Boy Norse Ruler with counsel
Ronalda Girl Norse Ruler with counsel
Rose Girl Latin Rose
Rowena Girl English N/A
Rufus Boy Latin Red; red haired
Salazar Boy Basque Old hall
Sťamus Boy Hebrew Supplanter
Selwyn Boy English Companion of th...
Silvanus Boy Latin Of the forest
Stan Boy English Meadow that is s...
Susan Girl Hebrew Lily