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Green Names

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Abelia Girl Hebrew Breath
Acacia Girl Greek Point; spine; th...
Aina Girl Catalan Catalan form of ...
Alder Boy German Alder tree
Almond Boy English Almond
Althaia Girl Greek Medicinal herb
Amaryllis Girl Greek Sparkling
Amber Girl English Amber
Anemone Girl Greek Wind
Anise Girl French Aniseed
Apple Both English Apple
April Girl Latin Open
Ash Both English Ash tree
Aspen Both English Aspen tree
Aster Both Greek Star
Aurora Girl Latin Dawn
Autumn Girl English Autumn
Avril Girl French April
Azalea Girl Greek Dry
Basil Boy Latin Kingly
Bear Boy English Bear
Beech Boy English Beech tree; Stream
Begonia Girl English Type of flower
Berry Both English A berry
Beryl Girl Greek Blue-green
Betony Girl English Of the Vettones;...
Birch Boy English Birch
Birdie Girl English Bird
Birdy Girl English Bird
Blossom Girl English Blossom, flower