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Green Names

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Soleil Girl French Sun
Sorrel Boy English Sour
Spring Girl English To burst forth; ...
Star Girl Latin Star
Starling Girl English Starling bird
Stone Boy English Stone
Storm Both English Violent weather
Stormy Both English Violent weather
Summer Girl English Summer
Sunday Girl English 7th day of the w...
Sunny Girl English Filled with sunl...
Sunshine Girl English Light from the sun
Tansy Girl Greek Immortal
Tawny Girl English Tawny, tanned
Tempest Both English Storm
Terra Girl Latin Earth, soil
Thorn Boy English Thorn bush
Tiger Boy English Tiger
Topaz Girl English Topaz
Unity Girl English Oneness; harmony
Vale Boy English Valley, usually ...
Verbena Girl Latin Holy plant
Violet Girl Latin Violet
Willow Both English Willow
Windy Girl English Blustery, breezy
Winter Both English Winter
Wolf Boy English Wolf
Woody Boy English Wood row, wood l...
Wren Girl English Wren
Zephyr Boy Greek West wind