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Green Names

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Poppy Girl English Poppy flower
Primrose Girl Latin First rose
Prune Girl French Plum
Rain Both English Rain
Rainbow Both English Rainbow
Rainy Girl English Rainy, full of r...
Raven Both English Raven
Ridge Boy English Ridge
River Both English River
Robin Both Germanic Bright fame
Rock Boy English Stone
Rocky Boy English Stone; stoney, c...
Rose Girl Latin Rose
Rosemary Girl Latin Sea dew
Rowan Both Gaelic Little red one
Ruby Girl Latin Red
Rue Girl German Fame; notorious
Rye Boy English Rye
Sable Both English Sable
Saffron Girl English From the spice o...
Sage Both English Aromatic herb; w...
Savannah Girl Spanish Plateau
September Both Latin From the month
Sequoia Boy Native Ame... Large Tree
Serenity Girl English Peacefulness
Shenandoah Boy Native Ame... After an Oneida ...
Sierra Girl Spanish Mountain range
Silver Both English Silver
Sky Both Norse Sky
Snow Girl English Snow, fair skinned