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Green Names

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Freesia Girl Latin Freese's flower
Fuchsia Girl English Fuch's flower; a...
Gaia Girl Greek Earth
Gardenia Girl Latin Garden's flower
Gibbon Boy French Small, aboreal a...
Ginger Girl Latin Spring-like; flo...
Gladiola Girl Latin Sword
Grayling Boy English Gray-haired; ple...
Green Boy English The colour green
Greene Boy English The colour green
Greenlee Boy English Green clearing
Hadar Both Hebrew Splendour; ornam...
Halcyon Girl Greek Calm
Harmony Both Latin In concord; harm...
Haven Both English Haven; safe place
Hawke Boy English Hawk
Hazel Girl English Hazel Tree - Lig...
Heath Boy English Person living on...
Heather Both English Heather
Heaven Girl English Heaven
Holly Girl English Holly
Honey Girl English Honey
Huckleberry Boy English Huckleberry
Hyacinth Both Greek Hyacinth
Icy Girl English Ice-like
Indigo Both English Blue-purple colo...
Iris Girl Greek Rainbow
Ivory Both English Ivory
Ivy Girl English Ivy
Jacaranda Girl Spanish Strong odor