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This collection of names comes from the Greek Isles and ancient Greece. From Aphrodite to Zeus to Alexander to Xena, we have the best Greek baby names for you to choose from. For admirers of Greek civilization and mythology the perfect baby name might most certainly be of Greek origin. Perhaps you’re in the market for a name that will bode well for a future Olympian? Our Greek baby names category contains popularity information, pronunciations and accurate origin and meanings data along with historical tidbits and unique pop culture references for you to browse.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Aster Both Greek Star
Astra Girl Greek Star
Astraea Girl Greek Star
Astraia Girl Greek Star
Atalanta Girl Greek Balanced
Athanase Boy Greek Immortal, eternal
Athanasia Girl Greek Immortal
Athenais Girl Greek N/A
Attalus Boy Greek N/A
Baptist Boy Latin The baptiser
Baptista Girl Latin Baptiser
Bartholomew Boy Greek Son of Talmai
Bartimaeus Boy Greek Son of Timaeus
Basileios Boy Greek Royal
Berdina Girl Germanic Bright maiden
Berdine Girl Germanic Bright maiden
Berenike Girl Greek Bringer of victory
Bia Girl Italian White; fair
Blasius Boy Greek Royal
Briareus Boy Greek Strong
Bryony Girl Greek Vine
Calandra Girl Greek Beautiful youth;...
Calandria Girl Greek Beautiful youth;...
Calantha Girl Greek Beautiful flower
Calanthe Girl Greek Beautiful flower
Calanthia Girl Greek Beautiful flower
Calictus Boy Greek Most beautiful
Calida Girl Greek Most beautiful
Calista Girl Greek The most beautiful
Callirhoe Girl Greek Beautifully flow...