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This collection of names comes from the Greek Isles and ancient Greece. From Aphrodite to Zeus to Alexander to Xena, we have the best Greek baby names for you to choose from. For admirers of Greek civilization and mythology the perfect baby name might most certainly be of Greek origin. Perhaps you’re in the market for a name that will bode well for a future Olympian? Our Greek baby names category contains popularity information, pronunciations and accurate origin and meanings data along with historical tidbits and unique pop culture references for you to browse.

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Philip Boy Greek Lover of horses
Philipina Girl Greek Lover of horses
Philippina Girl Greek Lover of horses
Philippos Boy Greek Lover of horses
Phillida Girl Greek Foliage
Phillina Girl Greek Lover of mankind
Phillipina Girl Greek Lover of horses
Phillippina Girl Greek Lover of horses
Philo Boy Greek Love
Philomela Girl Greek Lover of small s...
Philomenes Boy Greek To love strength
Philomenos Boy Greek Lover of strength
Philon Boy Greek Love
Philopoimen Boy Greek Lover of flocks
Philothea Girl Greek Friend, lover of...
Phineus Boy English The Nubian
Phoebe Girl Greek Bright; moon
Phoenix Both Greek Phoenix; deep red
Phoibe Girl Greek Bright; moon
Phoibos Boy Greek Bright
Phylicia Girl Greek Foliage
Phyllicia Girl Greek Foliage
Phyllida Girl Greek Foliage
Phyllis Girl Greek Foliage
Plouton Boy Greek Wealth, riches
Pluto Boy Greek Wealth, riches
Poludeukes Boy Greek Much sweet wine
Polydeuces Boy Greek Much sweet wine
Polydeukes Boy Greek Much sweet wine
Polyeuctus Boy Greek Much prayed-to one