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Greek Mythological Names

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Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Abraxas Boy Greek A mystical word
Acantha Girl Greek Thorn
Acastus Boy Greek N/A
Accalia Girl Greek N/A
Acestes Boy Greek From Egesta mean...
Achelous Boy Greek He who drives ou...
Acheron Boy Greek River of woe; di...
Achille Boy Greek N/A
Achilles Boy Greek N/A
Achilleus Boy Greek N/A
Actaeon Boy Greek N/A
Actéon Boy Greek N/A
Admeta Girl Greek Untamed
Admete Girl Greek Untamed
Adonia Both Hebrew My Lord is God
Adonis Boy Phoenician Lord
Adrastea Girl Greek Who does not fle...
Adrasteia Girl Greek Who does not fle...
Adrastos Boy Greek Who does not flee
Aeacus Boy Greek N/A
Aegeus Boy Greek Protection; shield
Aegidius Boy Greek Shield
Aegina Girl Greek N/A
Aeneas Boy Greek To praise
Aeolus Boy Greek Quick moving; ch...
Aeson Boy Greek N/A
Afrodita Girl Greek Risen from the f...
Afrodite Girl Greek Risen from the f...
Agamemnon Boy Greek Very resolute
Agave Girl Greek Princess; illust...