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Darkness, drama, romanticism and an appreciation for times past combine to make up our Gothic baby names category. Gothic can be modern or medieval, or just an appreciation of either and this dark, brooding style can refer to anything from music to fashion, literature to film. When it comes to selecting baby names, people want the most unique and uncommon name for their babies. Do you like you like magic, wizards, vampires and all things Goth? Are you looking for the perfect name for your little goth-ling? Then check out our selection of Gothic baby names.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Abraxas Boy Greek A mystical word
Acantha Girl Greek Thorn
Acanthus Boy Greek Thorn
Adalricus Boy Germanic Noble ruler
Adare Both Gaelic Oak grove
Adrastea Girl Greek Who does not fle...
Alaric Boy Germanic Noble ruler
Althaia Girl Greek Medicinal herb
Amaranth Both Greek Immortal; unfading
Anise Girl French Aniseed
Aphra Girl Hebrew Dust
Arachne Girl Greek Spider
Asphodel Both Greek N/A
Attila Boy Latin N/A
Azrael Boy Hebrew God is my aid
Bela Boy Hungarian Within
Belladonna Girl Italian Beautiful woman
Blodwen Girl Welsh Blessed flowers
Blodwyn Boy Welsh Blessed flowers
Bran Boy Welsh Raven
Briar Both English Thorny plant
Cameo Girl English Delicate,carved ...
Candra Both Latin Luminescent
Chandra Both Sanskrit The moon; shining
Chrysanthem... Girl Greek Marigold
Chrysanthum Girl Greek Marigold
Clover Girl English Clover
Crimson Girl English Crimson, red
Crow Boy English Crow
Damian Boy Greek To tame