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Darkness, drama, romanticism and an appreciation for times past combine to make up our Gothic baby names category. Gothic can be modern or medieval, or just an appreciation of either and this dark, brooding style can refer to anything from music to fashion, literature to film. When it comes to selecting baby names, people want the most unique and uncommon name for their babies. Do you like you like magic, wizards, vampires and all things Goth? Are you looking for the perfect name for your little goth-ling? Then check out our selection of Gothic baby names.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Pandora Girl Greek All gift; every ...
Raven Both English Raven
Renu Boy Sanskrit Born of dust
Rue Girl German Fame; notorious
Rune Boy Norse Rune, secret lore
Salem Boy Arabic Secure, peace
Shadow Both English Shadow
Snow Girl English Snow, fair skinned
Starling Girl English Starling bird
Talon Boy English A claw
Tempest Both English Storm
Tethys Girl Greek Dispose; order
Thorn Boy English Thorn bush
Vlad Boy Russian Rule
Wednesday Girl English Woden's Day
Willow Both English Willow
Winter Both English Winter
Wolf Boy English Wolf
Zephyr Boy Greek West wind