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Traditional names in the West African country of Ghana vary by ethnic group, of which there are many. Most of them base the first names they give to their newly born children on the day of the week on which the child has been born. This tradition is favored by most West African peoples including the Akan, Beninese, Togo and the Côte d'Ivoire. A child that is born on a certain day is believed to have certain traits, which is reflected in their name. If you are looking for a traditional West African name for your baby, look no further than our selection of Ghanaian baby names.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Kontar Boy African Only child
Kpodo Boy African The eldest of tw...
Kufuo Boy African The father share...
Kukua Girl African Wednesday born
Kunto Girl African Third-born child
Kwabena Boy African Tuesday born
Kwakou Boy African Given life on we...
Kwaku Boy African Born on a Wednes...
Kwame Boy African Saturday born
Kwasi Boy African Sunday born
Kweku Boy African Born on a Wednes...
Kwesi Boy African Sunday born
Lumusi Girl African Born with her he...
Mama Girl African Saturday born
Manu Boy African Second born
Mawuli Boy African God creates
Mawusi Girl African In God's hands
Mensah Boy African Third-born son
Minkah Boy African Justice
Morowa Girl African Queen
Nyankomago Girl African Second-born afte...
Osei Boy African Nobel
Ozigbodi Girl African Patience
Panyin Girl African The eldest of tw...
Quaashie Boy African Sunday born
Serwa Girl African Woman of noble c...
Sisi Both African Sunday born
Tawiah Girl African First-born after...
Thema Girl African Queen
Twia Boy African Born after twins