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Germanic baby names are those names that originated in the Germanic languages. Most of the names in this category are root names for more modern and familiar names of today which are used in England, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland and Norway, as well as others. Germanic names were often created by using two elements of distinct meaning combined to make one new name. This set the groundwork for most names are familiar with today. Our Germanic baby names category contains popularity information, pronunciations and accurate origin and meanings data along with historical tidbits and unique pop culture references for you to browse.

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Gustav Boy Germanic Stave of the Goths
Gwalbert Boy Germanic Bright oath
Göbbel Boy Germanic Bright god
Habel Boy Germanic Battle sword
Hadwig Boy Germanic Battle; female w...
Hagius Boy Germanic Hedge
Hardy Boy Germanic Strong, hardy
Hartman Boy Germanic Powerful hero
Hasel Boy Germanic Uncertain; perha...
Heidi Girl Germanic Noble one
Heinrich Boy Germanic Home ruler
Heinz Boy Germanic Home ruler
Heinze Boy Germanic Home ruler
Helewise Girl Germanic Hale and wide
Helm Boy Germanic Protection; helmet
Helma Girl Germanic Protection; helmet
Helmar Boy Germanic Famous protector
Helmer Boy Germanic Famous protector
Helmine Girl Germanic Will, desire and...
Helmut Boy German Spirited helmet
Helmuth Boy Germanic Helmet + spirit
Héloise Girl French Sun
Helwig Boy Germanic Luck in battle
Henrik Boy Germanic Home ruler
Henry Boy Germanic Home ruler
Herbert Boy German Bright army
Hereweald Boy English Army rule
Heriberto Boy German Bright army; bri...
Herlindis Girl Germanic Lord, army; shield
Herma Girl Latin Signpost