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If you’re looking for German baby names, we’ve got it all plus a side of sauerkraut, right here! Browse our German names list for a variety of authentic German name options. Popular names in Germany include Ben and Mia, but see what other names make the grade in Germany! We've got origin and meaning information, pronunciations and interesting name-related facts in our database, too. Choosing cool German baby names doesn’t have to be as difficult as swimming the Rhine. Relax! Grab yourself a stein, queue up some Beethoven, and peruse our names from Deutschland!

Gender: Category:
Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating
Christhilde Girl German Battle of Christ
Christian Both Latin Follower of Christ
Christiane Girl Latin Follower of Christ
Christlieb Boy German Love of Christ; ...
Christoph Boy Greek Bearer of Christ
Clarissa Girl Latin Clear; bright; f...
Claudia Girl Latin Disabled
Claudina Girl Latin Disabled
Claus Boy Greek Victory of the p...
Clotilda Girl Germanic Famous in battle
Coder Boy German Bait
Coen Boy Germanic Experienced advi...
Coletta Girl Greek Victory of the p...
Colina Girl Greek Victory of the p...
Collina Girl Greek Victory of the p...
Conrad Boy Germanic Experienced advi...
Constanza Girl Latin Steadfast
Corina Girl Greek Maiden
Corinna Girl Greek Maiden
Crescentia Girl Latin Growing
Cäcilia Boy Latin Blind
Cäcilie Girl Latin Blind
Dagmar Girl German Dear + great
Daniel Boy Hebrew God is my judge
Daniela Girl Hebrew God is my judge
Dankmar Boy Germanic Famous for his s...
Dankrad Boy Germanic Wise counsellor
Dankward Boy Germanic Protector of tho...
Degenhard Boy Germanic Strong hero
Deike Girl Germanic People